About Revive Crashday

Why does this project even exist?

With this project we want to make the game popular again, since the online community is as good as dead.
We do not only want to revive the community, we also want new players to join.
Crashday is an action packed racing game, but also as simple as it could be:
You want to blow up the guy in right front of you? - Just do it!
The game features 6 gamemodes, which are significantly different from each other.
So you can have hours of fun in Crashday.

Which gamemodes are featured?

-Wrecking Matches
-Stunt Race
-Bomb Run
-Pass the Bomb
-Hold the Flag
(Descriptions are coming soon)

Does CrashDay run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1?

Yes, it does.

Can it still be played online?

With a slight modification to the netdefault.cfg file and/or the network.cfg file.

Where do I get CrashDay?

1. You can download the free demo-version from, just click on "Demo"
2. If you want to buy the game, you may have to look an Ebay or Amazon.
But you are most likely to get a used copy of CrashDay.

Do I have to worry about copy protection on a used copy of CrashDay?

No, the only copy protection CrashDay uses, requires that the CD is inserted into your computers drive.
CrashDay does not use any serial-keys.
As long your original CD is working, you should be fine.
Crashday Community project 2015